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If so, welcome YPLMS into your world as your 21st Century Boutique Personal Lifestyle Management and Concierge Service.

Midlife is a time where most women reflect and transition. This can cause immense disorientation and chaos. YPLMS is not exempt from transition and considering we serve the needs of midlife women we too have gone through our own mini transition and reinvention in order to redefine the services you have communicated are of key importance to you.

YPLMS is launching a Luxury Boutique Personal Lifestyle Management, Concierge and Coaching service to help you manage ALL aspects of your life more effectively as well as achieve balance where it may currently feel like chaos.

We will be providing a vast range of luxury concierge luxury lifestyle management services ranging from practical and convenient solutions which save time, provide you with practical support as well as ‘wellbeing solutions’ to ensure you can regain control of your life.

We will :
Help you to fulfil last minute / urgent requests to be sourced in a short-time frame when you simply don't have time and go as far as assisting you with ideas when you're not sure even what it is that you are looking for...... that's also a mid-life occurrence!

We’ve been busy leveraging expert networks and securing preferential relationships with global partners as a part of our concierge offerings to ensure that the resources and knowledge to carry out any requests will be flexible and bespoke enough to meet your exact specifications.

And we want you to feel rest assured, if it isn't listed that all you’ll need to do is ask.

As long as it's legal, moral and ethical, we’ll make it happen.

We are here to serve YOU.

Our mission is to make you feel like this ‘midlife chapter’ is a breeze!

We’ve got your back! 

My best 

Yvette x



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